Who Are We

We are here to bring the Compassion of Christ through the most pure Heart of Mary by serving the people of God – the poor, and the less privileged starting here in Africa and all over the world.

We are the Congregation of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Mother of Christ (SIHMMC).

Founded 7th October 1937 by Archbishop Charles Heerey CSSP of blessed memory. An Irish missionary who worked and died in Nigeria. To date, we have 980 of sisters, in 7 mission areas in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Kenya, TChad, Tanzania, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Canada and the United States.

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Our Mission

Commitment to motivating people especially the poor and the less privileged to live venerable and dignified life through creditably structured programs of evangelization at all levels, education at all levels and every dimension, varied medical services, humanitarian services, self-realization and self-empowerment opportunities.

Our Vision

To nurture holistic development of human potentials and enhance the quality of life for every human person especially the poor and the less privileged.

A few Testimonials

Sihmmc - care for the disabled in nigeria

Hope for disabled people

Disabled and physically challenged young people and adults in Nigeria are at risk of extreme social exclusion. Sadly, such ignorance results in many being neglected, abandoned and isolated from an early age leading to early death as well. Our project provides support for physical and mental needs in a secure environment, with a basic education, to improve their own future and the way that disability is regarded in their community.

It is very common in Africa for people who have a disability or are physically challenged to be discriminated against and made to be invisible, ignored or abandoned, especially in the poor communities. Some of their families are in abject poverty and as such consider their disabled child as a curse or punishment. Due to lack of education and healthcare provision for disability, many families simply don't understand how to support their child in such a condition.

We provide humanitarian services in health-care, physiotherapy, food, music, crafts, sports and basic education to enhance the young people's standards of life in our home and outreach day projects. We provide basic schooling and activities to improve self-confidence. We also teach parents how to care for a disabled child, and live a healthy well nourished lifestyle, so they can pass what they learn on to others in the community.

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Formation of Candidate to answer their Call to Religious Life is important to us. Please donate to support this cause.

Formation is a process of preparation for young girls who express interest in joining the Institute. The stages of Initial formation include Aspirancy, Postulancy (2-3 years), Novitiate (2 years), Scholasticate (1 year) and Temporary Profession (6-9years). Each stage of formation entails keeping the young girls is a house designated for formation to embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning the rudiments of Religious Life according to our Institute, and discernment. We have formation houses in Ghana, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Help us to keep our formation Houses running. Train a Sister today!

You may choose a recurring donation.

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Our Good Causes

A few of the good causes we support.

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